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About Us Message from the president

学長 岡安 勲   President I.OKAYASU

The 21st century is often referred to as the “era of life science”. The scope of life science from basic science to applied fields ranges widely are excuted. We develop specialists in applied fields of life science. In other words, we train nutrition experts dealing with important foods for life and nursing experts in medical care. Also, as human beings live based on humanity, spiritual margin and unique culture are absolutely necessary, so we have a department that learns art, especially art and design as one of them. Concretely, in junior colleges, we train to be an art experts at the Art & Design department, to be a nutritionist at the Llife Science department, also in the Faculty of Health Care, a registered dietitian in the Department of Nutirtion,   nurses and public health nurses in the Department of Nursing. In addition, we have set up another course of one year system to train midwives, and these four departments + 1 special division of different departments, we will establish “spirit of nurturing human beings in society” which is the spirit of construction.

In  order to embody the spirit of this university, we use ” professional practices” as its educational policy. For this reason, we focus on practical training, go out to society, and take care to be able to act as an immediate fighting force. In the Kiryu city and Midori city, we have built a few foundation with distinctive university rooted in the area. The advantage unique to our university is that the distance between faculty and students is short because of the small number of students and a superior and detail-oriented education.  In the university cafe restaurant, cheap and nutritionally balanced lunches are offered under the guidance of teaching staff of the Department of Life Sciences, making it a place for mutual exchange between students and teachers. Also, trees are properly placed between the campus buildings, and the space as quiet learning is maintained. Let’s learn together at our university.


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