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About Us President’s Message

学長 岡安 勲   Isao Okayasu / President of Kiryu University

The 21st century is often referred to as the “era of life science”. Life science covers a wide range of fields, from basic to applied science. At Kiryu University, we strive to enable our students to become specialists in applied fields of healthcare, specifically nursing and nutrition. To embody the spirit of this university, our educational policy is centered on the promotion of “professional practice”. While recognizing the importance of practical skills within these disciplines, we equally consider the vital role humanities play in preparing students to lead meaningful lives, and to be active and responsible leaders in society.

The School of Healthcare consists of two departments, the Department of Nursing which seeks to prepare graduates to become outstanding nurses committed to providing exceptional healthcare, and the Department of Nutrition which provides students with the knowledge and skills to become registered dietitians.

The junior college offers 2 two-year programs: the Art and Design Department, and the Life Science Department. These two departments train students to become art professionals, and dietitians, respectively. In addition, we have a one-year Midwifery course for graduates who wish to obtain eligibility requirements to sit for the national licensure examinations for midwives.

Recognized as a small but distinctive university located in the vicinity of Kiryu and Midori cities, our university has built its foundation as a university deeply rooted in the community. With its small number of students and intricately designed curriculum, our university offers the unique advantage of fostering effective and engaging communication between students and faculty.

In the university cafe and restaurant, reasonably priced and nutritionally balanced lunches are offered under the guidance of the teaching staff of the Department of Life Sciences, making it a place for mutual exchange between students and teachers. Also, trees around the campus make it an idyllic learning environment.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I look forward to seeing you on campus in the near future.


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